Monthly Archives: April 2009

night ride

Jon and I decided to ride the mustache trail at night last night. I invited a huge number of people but Jon and I were the only people who showed up. It was Still a lot of fun. We made really good time up the road and the sun was still up for a good […]


I have been playing with windows movie maker a little. Its easy to use but I feel like its overly simple. Couldn’t find the right music for the video but I feel like you cant go wrong with the smiths. right? We are riding the mustache trail tonight at night. Curious to see how that […]


Kayla and I were in austin all weekend so no riding for me. I did upload a bunch of my pictures I took to my flickr

williams lunch ride

Jon, Charlie and I went out for a short lunch ride today. We decided to ride the new william’s canyon drop in and then the regular williams canyon trail the rest of the way out. This was my first mountain ride with my new helmet cam so I spent a good deal of it fooling […]

snow ride

snow ride 003, originally uploaded by scott boyer. I had a ride planned today but the weather had other plans. I am ready for some warm spring weather. I know I know we need the moisture but this is starting to get pretty old. I rode a few miles on my cross bike but it […]

2 a day

The other day Jon hiked up the quarry trail Kayla and I had hiked up last week and discovered a new way up that was a ridable grade. The way he explained it sounded very promising so we made plans to do some exploration on my next day off. Yesterday around noon Jon and I […]

quarry hike

So it worked out that both Kayla and I had the day off yesterday. I was going to go for a ride but i decided to go for a hike instead. Since we found the mustache trail with google earth I have been really into using it to search for old trails that have been […]


DSCN0358, originally uploaded by cog.killer. did you sign the waiver?

cascade drop/mustache trail

I decided to do a riding blog to kind of keep track of all of the rides we have planned this summer. I am not much for writing but i figured it would be fun. So now that I am working 4 11 hour shifts I have 3 days off a week. I was lucky […]

Hello world!

pretty new to this so be patient!