cascade drop/mustache trail

I decided to do a riding blog to kind of keep track of all of the rides we have planned this summer. I am not much for writing but i figured it would be fun.

So now that I am working 4 11 hour shifts I have 3 days off a week. I was lucky enough to get my days off staggered so i can ride more. I can never recover fast enough to do back to back epic rides so this schedule should would out perfectly for me. The only real challenge is finding riding partners on Wednesdays and Fridays. If you have either of those days off please let me know.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go out on a ride with my buddy Joey and Jon. Joey is leaving for the world cup circuit here pretty shortly so this may have been our last ride of the season. The weather yesterday was great and we decided to do a longer ride than we have been able to pull off recently. We decided on doing cascade and the mustache trail. I was pretty amped because the top of cascade has been reworked recently and has become more sustainable and less dangerous. This was my first time riding the new section of trail so i was really curious to see how it flowed and fit in with what was existing already. The climb up was nice and warm. The road got a little soft towards the top but it was totally manageable. Jon and Joey both smoked me to the top but were kind enough to wait at lookout.

After some food and conversation we decided to head down the drop. We were all pleased with the traction and flow the of new section of trail. I am curious to see what others think of it. Jon took some pictures on the way down.

On one section of trail Jon spotted a rock that could be moved to make a neat little wedge to drop off. Jon was the first to try it. I looks pretty tame but trust me its scarier than it looks.


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    This is a great idea! We will have Wed. and Fri. off soon!

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