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So it worked out that both Kayla and I had the day off yesterday. I was going to go for a ride but i decided to go for a hike instead. Since we found the mustache trail with google earth I have been really into using it to search for old trails that have been forgotten about or over grown. After some research I was pretty sure I found a trail system worth looking into. I guessed it would have been a 2 or 3 hour hike but it ended up being more like 5 or 6. We started out thinking we found where the trail hits the rode at the bottom but we ended up following a path that led up to a abandoned bum camp and not the actual trail system we were looking for.

Once the we found the bum camp we followed a drainage system a couple hundred yard up and found this little rock seat or “bums living room” as Kayla put it.

After a small amount of bush wacking we found what seemed to be an old trail system heading all the way up the ridge. This is the trail I spotted from google earth. Not sure why the trail was put in was it was pretty wide and the sides were all rocked in to support it, so at some point in time someone put a lot of effort into building it. It was extremely over grown and needed a serious amount of trimming to just hike it. I could tell that it had not been hiked or used in some time because the only tracks we were coming across we deer tracks and a few cougar tracks as well. My favorite part of the hike was the long slabs of slick rock the trail went across. they looked like they would be a blast to ride down.


So the further up the trail we went the more over grown it became. We tried trimming it as we went along because I was hoping the next time I was going to be on it I would be riding my bike down it. It got so bad towards the top we just gave up on trimming it and just decided to move forward because all the cutting was really slowing down the pace of the hike and i was worried we wouldn’t make it to the top and back down in time.

So the trail hit a old washed out jeep road after a while. I could see what the trail had not been used much because the spot where it hit the jeep road was so over grown you could barely tell it was there. We marked it with a cairn so we could find it on the way down. As we hiked up the jeep road I noticed two other trail that went off towards william’s canyon on the left. I hiked one a few hundred yards up and it seemed to follow a ridge line the entire way down. The view from up there was amazing.

We continued up the jeep road a ways and reached the quarry above william’s canyon. As we reached the quarry we noticed a cave system off to the left so we decided to climb out on a ledge and explore them. They were not very deep but it was still fun to explore.

We climbed out on one of the ledges over looking williams canyon and took a few pictures. I climbed up on a higher ledge trying to find a way around the quarry. Didn’t have much luck find anything so we walked across the edge until we found the jeep road that connects up to rampart range road. This is the section I was most disappointed with. We sort of had to bush wack a fair amount just to get to the jeep road. I had hoped it would be easy to connect to from rampart range down to the trails we had hiked up but without some building there is not good way around the quarry. We ate lunch and turned around and started to back track down to the ridge we came up and we decided to take one of the other trails we noticed on the way up. This trail led us down a ridge line all the way to some cell phone towers near the cliff dwellings. I am curious to see if the stuff we hiked would be ridable on a bike.


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  1. claire
    Posted April 16, 2009 at 2:05 am | Permalink

    looks beautiful! you’re so lucky to live in such an amazing environment!!

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