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The other day Jon hiked up the quarry trail Kayla and I had hiked up last week and discovered a new way up that was a ridable grade. The way he explained it sounded very promising so we made plans to do some exploration on my next day off. Yesterday around noon Jon and I set off up rampart range road on our way up to William’s canyon. On the way up my legs felt really bad for some reason. Honestly one of the worst climbs up that road I have ever had. Not really sure what was the cause but I did a fair amount of suffering. The past few times up the road near one of the road signs we noticed this plastic hand on the side of the road. Jon thought it would be funny to put it up on one of the road signs. We also discovered a huge deer leg and placed it on top sign as well. We both had a good laugh at it and continued up the climb.

We decided to drop in at Williams and hike up near the waterfall up to the quarry. We took the newly cut Williams trail down instead of the old way under the shooting range. This was my first ride with my indy in several months so I wasn’t feeling super dialed on all of the crazy switchbacks and tight steps on that trail. Jon seems to have that entire trail super dialed.

After getting into Williams I noticed my tire pressure was to high and I felt like I was bouncing off everything. This was my first ride with my new Stan’s tubeless wheelset so I am still figuring out what pressure I should be running. I let a little bit of air out and felt a lot more comfortable. Once we reached the waterfall in Williams we hiked up a canyon to the top where the quarry is. It was not much fun trying to push my bike up that steep hike but it was worth it in the end. Jon found a little cave near the top.

We descended down the trail Kayla and I had hike up and Jon showed me the newly discovered trail that goes up the ridge near cedar heights. Its a totally doable grade on a single speed. Jon guessed that it had been forgotten about for at least 40 years. You can still tell that the trail is there because its rocked in on either side but it is severely overgrown with scrub oak and other brush. Its going to take a solid day of trimming and cactus removal to make it ridable again. The nice thing about it is that it opens up that whole ridge to having ridable trails. I am pretty stoked about it.

We had to do a fair amount of bushwhacking to get out of that area and my legs sort of payed a price, but it was well worth it.

After we got back to Jon’s house I got a call from my friend Chris and we decided to go out for another ride and do the palmer trail section 16 loop. Our friend Danny was visiting from Portland and came along. My legs felt awful but it was still a blast. Danny is new to mountain biking and it was really inspiring to see how much fun he was having on that loop. It made that trail much more enjoyable. He showed a lot of promise as a mountain biker. He did awesome on the climb and the gnarly descent as well. Before we left Jon’s house to do the section we spotted this squirrel on the fence. Not sure what was going with him but my guess he got hit my a car maybe. He didn’t seem to be hurt. He was running around and jumping onto trees. Either way it was pretty gross looking.



  1. Atom
    Posted April 18, 2009 at 4:17 pm | Permalink

    What kind of bike was your friend Jon riding? Looks like you guys were having a blast on those switchbacks.

  2. epicrides
    Posted April 18, 2009 at 4:21 pm | Permalink

    Jon was riding his ground up 650b single speed. He loves that bike. Those switchbacks are a blast but they are crazy steep.

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