bear tracks

Jon and I had decided we wanted to make our night ride this week a little longer so we decided to do cascade again. We had a killer little group. It was Jon, Kelli, Shaun and myself. We left around 5:30 and hit the road with plenty of daylight ahead of us. The climb seemed pretty mellow although I made a huge error in judgment and ate a huge burrito about 1 hour before the ride. The entire climb I felt like I was going to puke my burrito but somehow it managed to stay down. At points I was really hoping to puke it because I thought it would make me feel better. Never puked on the bike before but I usually play it smart with what I eat before a ride. By the time we got to the top of the climb we had plenty of daylight and made it about 80% of the way down before we ran out of light. It was a fun ride. I got Shaun on video crashing. at the end of the video below I ended right before he crashed. HA HA!

The next day Mary and I had plans to go ride a secret trail that needed some trimming. We set out around 10 and had gnarly head winds the entire way up. Between the sand on the climb and the wind I was feeling pretty tired by the top. Once we got the to trail we encountered a few huge downed logs that were more than we could move or cut so we had to leave them. We did a fair amount of trimming but realized we were running out of time since mary had to be at work so we packed up the tools and tried to hurry back to town. About half way into the trails I noticed the biggest bear tracks I have ever seen right in the middle of the trail. I stopped and pointed them out to Mary and when I looked closer I realized they were super fresh. The tracks followed the trail the rest of the way down until our turn off. I was a little on edge because I knew if something happened up there it would be a while before anyone found us because that trail barely gets ridden and I didn’t tell anyone where we were riding. The rest of the ride went smoothly and we made it back into town just in time for Mary to get ready for work. The trail still needs a solid day of trimming and repair work. I will have to plan a hike up there to get it done. Here is a video of our ride yesterday.



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    Thank you, I have to say the same about you and your lady. Very cute couple.

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    should I continue riding my bike or should I simply watch your videos? Hmmmm….. The tunnel was a ton cooler on your video than it is in real life. Bravo! You only get better from here… and you’re pretty darn good.

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