Broncos glasses.

On Wednesday night Jon, Shaun and myself left town at about 6 in the afternoon to do pipline as a loop from town. We heard it was clear and Jon thought it would be a fun adventure to do it as a night ride. It was warm in town when we left but by the time we reached the top of the climb in the dark is was frezeing! My guess is it was about 15 deg up there. It was insane because it was about 60 in town when we left so we were all dressed for that. Big mistake! I was lucky and packed some smart wool liner gloves and a rain jacket so that kept me semi warm but once we started to go down it was pretty uncomfortable. My left foot got wet on a water crossing and proceeded to go completely numb for about 3 hours. I could have done with out that. At the top of the main climb we were eating and putting out jackets on and we heard this crazy loud noise. It almost sounded like a geiger counter but louder. It would get louder and sound really close and then stop for like 10 seconds and then start up again. It was really creepy. No clue what it could have been. We all got a little spooked by that. Coming back into town Shaun came within a foot of hitting a skunk. We all laughed super hard thinking about him getting sprayed. He lucked out and the skunk ran off.

Today Charlie was able to get off work and ride so we set out around 7:30 this morning to do the Mcneily trail. Charlie was riding his new pimped out black sheep. I took it for a little spin. It feels like a rocket ship!

While waiting for Charlie to arrive I noticed that my sidis are getting super beat up. Its my 3rd season on them and I think its time to retire them.

When we got up into the canyon we noticed someone painted of of the signs metallic gold. Nice choice!

When we came out on the trail there is a little spot where someone had dumped a ton of trash and I noticed some womens shoes and jeans and a pair of sweet 80s broncos sunglasses sitting in the dirt. I was super stoked. one of the best trail finds yet. I put them on and wore them home. Charlie seemed to think it was pretty sick as all he said when I found them was “gross”. Ha Ha!


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    checking out your blog…very cool photography!

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