elk park to jones

On Friday I rode elk park to jones park with Mary and Betty. It was a lot of fun it felt good to get out on my mountain bike again but for whatever reason I had a really off day on the bike. My balance and confidence felt all sketchy so I spent a lot of the ride second guessing my riding. I just took it easy and tried to enjoy the trail with my friends. It was a good ride and I am glad I went for sure. Betty convinced me to get a gravity dropper seat post and I placed an order for it today. I can’t wait to try it out. I think it will be pretty useful for steep technical downhills.

On Sunday I went and did the same loop plus some extra with my Dad and Ryan. This time around I felt like I was on my A game for sure and had a lot more fun on the trail and cleaned all the sections I struggled with before so I was pretty happy about that. We hiked up to the old mine and checked it out since Ryan had never seen it. On the way down we ran into some guys that work with us. We rode with them for a bit. It was a lot of fun. I was really impressed with Ryan’s descending skills that day. I felt like I was going super fast and he was never very far off my pace even on the super techy stuff. After we finished jones and 666 Ryan and I decided to do palmer trail to section 16 to redrocks. It was fun and the extra climb made feel feel better about all that downhill. Here are some pictures from Sunday.


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    NICE angles and perspectives on the pix, and wonderful light! thanks for sharing!


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