Ute cup trail

Sunday Jon, Brett, Joey and I hit the trail pretty early to explore a trail that Jon discovered on his moto. We did most of the usual climb up to jones park but near the wye camp ground we continued on a jeep road around Mt Rosa to a gravel pit. Once we hit the gravel pit we found a faint piece of single track that took us to a more defined trail. The trail itself was very fast and rocky. It was a challenge to keep a high speed with my rigid fork. It was shaking me so hard that I could feel my socks creeping down my legs from the vibration. It was still a total blast. The trail ended up hitting St Mary’s trail a ways down. Aside from the large amount hikers on the trail coming down St Mary’s was a lot of fun. Joey was back in town for a week after being in Europe all summer. It was nice having him around. He is always a good addition to our group rides. I will be happy when he is back for good. We are talking about doing the ring the peak trail system next week. I am still on the fence about it. Not sure if I am up for it right now. We will see.


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