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back in black

I took a break from writing blogs and riding for a few months. I feel like this season was very taxing for me mentally and physically and I needed some time off the bike to sort things out in my head. I have regained the desire to ride again and I am slowly trying to […]

scar attempt #2

Yesterday 7 of us set out to try and find the mystery Douglas creek trail that we think could connect us into the ridge above the scar with the plane crash. It was my idea to get everyone together for this ride so I sent out emails a week before hand letting people know the […]

ring the peak

Yesterday me and 4 other single speeders did the entire ring the peak trail system (well as much of it as is open currently). This ride has in some ways been in the works for years. Everyone has been talking about doing it but we have sort of hoped that they would open the missing […]

Ute cup trail

Sunday Jon, Brett, Joey and I hit the trail pretty early to explore a trail that Jon discovered on his moto. We did most of the usual climb up to jones park but near the wye camp ground we continued on a jeep road around Mt Rosa to a gravel pit. Once we hit the […]

monarch crest trail

Mary and I both had a full day off yesterday so we headed down to Salida and did the monarch crest trail. For me the first crest ride of the year always seems to be the most fun. We got up to the pass a little late so we decided to try and motor through […]

JRA Dot Com

JRA Dot Com, originally uploaded by twotone666. I usually don’t like bike related tattoos but this one was funny.

elk park to jones

On Friday I rode elk park to jones park with Mary and Betty. It was a lot of fun it felt good to get out on my mountain bike again but for whatever reason I had a really off day on the bike. My balance and confidence felt all sketchy so I spent a lot […]

emerald valley

Jon and I decided to test our our multi-day camping gear on the emerald valley trail system. We rode up after I got off work on Thursday night. I was able to fit way more than I expected in my bags and when I weighed it with full bottle cages my bike came in at […]


Jon started this ride a few years ago where we rides from our front doors in Colorado Springs to Aspen on our single speed road bikes. This was my 2nd year doing the ride. Here is a picture of our crew from last year. Everyone who went last year came but we were missing one […]

sand creek race

A few weeks back a customer bought a new bike and left her proflex here to throw away. We couldn’t bring ourselves to throw it away so it became the shop lunch bike. We did some interesting upgrades and I think it is now a homeless persons dream bike. On Thursday I went to the […]