Playing around with speed settings.


phantom canyon

Yesterday Jon, Ryan, Shaun and myself set out to do an epic single speed road ride to sort of prepare for our Colorado Springs to Aspen ride we are doing here pretty soon. The route we decided on was leave Colorado Springs on hwy 115 and head south until Canon city and then head up phantom canyon to victor and head from Victor to Divide and then back down hwy 24 to the springs. Doesn’t sound too bad but it was a lot harder than expected. Phantom canyon is a 27 mile dirt climb so doing that on a single was no easy task. Both Ryan and I managed to run out of water on the way up the canyon so I rolled into victor on fumes. Victor is such a strange little town. Its sort of like a scoobie doo ghost town full of old mining junk. We went to the general store to fill up on water. Before leaving Victor we were informed by a truck full of hicks that we were fags. NICE! We managed to escape rain all day. In some cases by less than a mile it seemed. Over it was a blast. I wish we would have done more regrouping instead of dropping each other and not waiting but I can’t really control that.

ryan and shaun leaving town early

heading down 115

waiting for ryan before heading up phantom canyon

ryan heading up phantom canyon

my bike set up for an all day ride

just big enough to fit your tires in the cracks

ryan on the sketchy bridge in phantom canyon

getting food in victor

scoobie doo ghost town

just outside victor

getting water on the way home


Yesterday Mary and I set out at around 8:00 in the morning to ride pipeline. On the way up we were chased by storms and mild rain but managed to make it to the top with no real snags. We did see bear tracks again. The past 3 times Mary and I have ridden together we have seen bear tracks. Mary did point out that its been super moist so we are probably seeing more tracks because when its dry they just don’t show up. The trail was super tacky on the way down. Its usually pretty loose up in that area and this was the first time I have ever really experienced hero dirt on that trail. Even though the traction was great I still managed to stack it up and do a face plant in some scree. I had my helmet cam on at the time so at least it made for some funny footage.

I feel like I have finally gotten my recovery nutrition dialed. The vita mix is key! It is seriously one of the best purchases I have ever made. My recovery smoothie consists of spinach, organic hemp seed, dates, vega efa oil, dulse flakes, acai freezer pack, frozen blueberries, frozen cranberries, coconut oil and water. Yum!

memorial day

Went for a quick ride with my dad. It was nice. It had been a long time since we had ridden together so i had a lot of fun. I forgot to charge my batteries so my camera died before any of the really good trail. Oh well. Ryan is working on getting me adobe premier so I will be able to do more with the videos here pretty soon.

escaping the rain

It has been raining a ton for the past 2 or 3 days and the 10 day forecast calls for rain every day. I double checked all the weather websites and kind of figured out we had a small window in the morning in which we could sneak in a ride. Getting up early enough to get my riding cloths together and stretch was a task but it was well worth it. Before we left I was able to hang out with my friend Casey who was in town for a few days. Casey and I have been friends since 2nd grade and I cherish his friendship greatly. He has 2 hilarious dogs named Gunnar and Ridge. Both of them crack me up every time I see them. It was a nice start to my day to get to hang out with Casey before he went back on the road. Casey is a great mountain biker but was unable to join us because he had to catch a flight.

By the time Ryan and I hit the canyon the dirt was super tracky so the climb up the chutes was awesome. The entire way up closed goldcamp we could see fresh tracks from a group just ahead of us. We were determined to catch them and see who it was but we never did. By the time we got to the lookout we had a choice of heading up and doing pipeline as we planed or going down Mcneily. We chose wisely and went down Mcneily. Just as we finished the trail we started to get rained on and managed to make it home just in time to miss the storm by less than 5 minutes! It was a great day. I feel lucky I was able to squeeze a 4 1/2 hour ride in. Here is a video. At 5:21 Ryan has a super funny crash worth watching.

epic bag

I finally got my Epic Designs mountain standard seat bag in the mail. Eric was a pleasure to deal with and I am very impressed with the quality of the bag itself. Check out his website if you have a minute

I can fit my go lite sleeping bag in it with ease. my goal is to fit my bivy in it as well. I don’t have all of my bike camping gear yet but I wanted to play dress up just to see how the bike felt loaded down, so i stuffed my bags to the max with clothing. rides pretty much the same as far as I can tell. I can’t wait to do some multi day trips! I think ring the peak is the first one we have planned.

plane crash

Our single speed sundays ride ended up being pretty killer last week. I usually send a text out to everyone the night before and let them know the route and time we are meeting (if you want on the list hit me up with your number!). Out of the 20 or so messages I sent out I got one reply, so I kind of figured we would have a small group. Ryan and I rolled out of the coffee shop around 9 and ran into Tori and Mary on the way. I was excited to hear they were going up the same climb as us so I figured we could ride together until they had to turn off. We stopped at Jon’s house on the way and Mary and Tori kept going assuming we would meet them on the climb. At Jon’s house we hooked up with Paul and Doug and headed out. I was really excited about this ride because we had a killer little group and we were doing some exploring. We headed out up the climb and for some reason never caught Mary and Tori. After speaking with Tori later on that day we figured out they stopped in the garden to stretch and we must have passed them then and didn’t notice. The climb was nice aside from my back hurting a bit. We stopped at the over look and ate and joked around a little.

After that we headed up rampart range in search of some trail Jon spotted on the map. I am not really going to get too specific about it but its a decent ways back. We found what we thought was the trail we were looking for but it ended up being something totally different. The trail we found was amazing and a total blast to ride and Jon Figured out where we were and sort of put together a route of how to get back. It worked out pretty well aside from a decent hike a bike and a fair amount of complaining on my part. We found where an old b-24 smashed into the side of the mountain. Not much left of it aside from some landing gear parts and a few chunks of melted aluminum.

The descent from the plane crash made all the frustrating parts of the ride so worth it. It was nice and fast and had good flow and the view was insane! I was riding behind Paul the whole way down the ridge just laughing because of how fun the trail was. By the time we got home it was a 8 hour adventure which was funny because as we were leaving Doug said something to the effect of “nothing like an 8 hour bike ride with your friends” and I remember thinking to myself that the ride was going to be like 4-5 hours and no where near 8. Either way it was still fun and I am glad I went. I stayed up super late putting this video together. Its hard to edit a 8 hour ride down into 15 minutes. Its worth watching until the end because that ridge looks so crazy.

On the way home we saw big horned sheep and Jon explored this little cave off to the side of the road. good times!

Broncos glasses.

On Wednesday night Jon, Shaun and myself left town at about 6 in the afternoon to do pipline as a loop from town. We heard it was clear and Jon thought it would be a fun adventure to do it as a night ride. It was warm in town when we left but by the time we reached the top of the climb in the dark is was frezeing! My guess is it was about 15 deg up there. It was insane because it was about 60 in town when we left so we were all dressed for that. Big mistake! I was lucky and packed some smart wool liner gloves and a rain jacket so that kept me semi warm but once we started to go down it was pretty uncomfortable. My left foot got wet on a water crossing and proceeded to go completely numb for about 3 hours. I could have done with out that. At the top of the main climb we were eating and putting out jackets on and we heard this crazy loud noise. It almost sounded like a geiger counter but louder. It would get louder and sound really close and then stop for like 10 seconds and then start up again. It was really creepy. No clue what it could have been. We all got a little spooked by that. Coming back into town Shaun came within a foot of hitting a skunk. We all laughed super hard thinking about him getting sprayed. He lucked out and the skunk ran off.

Today Charlie was able to get off work and ride so we set out around 7:30 this morning to do the Mcneily trail. Charlie was riding his new pimped out black sheep. I took it for a little spin. It feels like a rocket ship!

While waiting for Charlie to arrive I noticed that my sidis are getting super beat up. Its my 3rd season on them and I think its time to retire them.

When we got up into the canyon we noticed someone painted of of the signs metallic gold. Nice choice!

When we came out on the trail there is a little spot where someone had dumped a ton of trash and I noticed some womens shoes and jeans and a pair of sweet 80s broncos sunglasses sitting in the dirt. I was super stoked. one of the best trail finds yet. I put them on and wore them home. Charlie seemed to think it was pretty sick as all he said when I found them was “gross”. Ha Ha!

bear tracks

Jon and I had decided we wanted to make our night ride this week a little longer so we decided to do cascade again. We had a killer little group. It was Jon, Kelli, Shaun and myself. We left around 5:30 and hit the road with plenty of daylight ahead of us. The climb seemed pretty mellow although I made a huge error in judgment and ate a huge burrito about 1 hour before the ride. The entire climb I felt like I was going to puke my burrito but somehow it managed to stay down. At points I was really hoping to puke it because I thought it would make me feel better. Never puked on the bike before but I usually play it smart with what I eat before a ride. By the time we got to the top of the climb we had plenty of daylight and made it about 80% of the way down before we ran out of light. It was a fun ride. I got Shaun on video crashing. at the end of the video below I ended right before he crashed. HA HA!

The next day Mary and I had plans to go ride a secret trail that needed some trimming. We set out around 10 and had gnarly head winds the entire way up. Between the sand on the climb and the wind I was feeling pretty tired by the top. Once we got the to trail we encountered a few huge downed logs that were more than we could move or cut so we had to leave them. We did a fair amount of trimming but realized we were running out of time since mary had to be at work so we packed up the tools and tried to hurry back to town. About half way into the trails I noticed the biggest bear tracks I have ever seen right in the middle of the trail. I stopped and pointed them out to Mary and when I looked closer I realized they were super fresh. The tracks followed the trail the rest of the way down until our turn off. I was a little on edge because I knew if something happened up there it would be a while before anyone found us because that trail barely gets ridden and I didn’t tell anyone where we were riding. The rest of the ride went smoothly and we made it back into town just in time for Mary to get ready for work. The trail still needs a solid day of trimming and repair work. I will have to plan a hike up there to get it done. Here is a video of our ride yesterday.

foggy sunday

So on Saturday it rained the entire day and I wasn’t sure if we would be able to squeeze a ride in on Sunday but the sun came out pretty early in the morning and dried the trails up enough to ride. We originally wanted to ride cascade drop but we heard the road was pretty bad so we decided to stay off it.

I am swearing by this pre ride meal now. It is the perfect amount of fuel for a good ride without feeling like a brick in your stomach and its a good mix of fast energy and slow burning energy. Its steel cut oats, raw dates, agave, carob powder and a little bit of soy milk. So good!

So I met up with Mary at dog tooth and we cruised over to meet Betty and her dog Stella at the chutes. The terrain was the best I have ever seen it. Super tacky but not muddy. We pretty much ended up doing a tour of all the regular canyon trails and I finished out with palmer trail/section 16. It was a blast to rail all those corners and ride through all the fog. Only downside of the ride was the water crossings were super cold and my helmet mount for my camera broke. I already have a new one on the way though so no big deal.